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The AVA network


For the average internet user the emergence of the - Ava - network is going to just appear as the next evolution of technology – new buttons to push - new things to buy on-line and more money to make. It is anything but.

The possibilities being opened up are so revolutionary that politicians, state actors and older investors will not be able to simply avoid themselves getting swept up beyond the hype into the new reality. New jobs will become available and new forms of economic equality are going to arise. As someone nearing retirement I had thought for sure I was simply only going to witness the digitization of the world, now I can be quite certain, I will see the monetization of it as well.

The Ava platform is the base layer of new kind of blockchain architecture that will usher in a disintermediation of current client-server structures throughout the internet. To the blockchain enthusiast this is a game changer. To the average user this is a godsend and to legacies remaining this is a new horizon they must embrace else they will be left behind…


From the vantage point of repeated probabilistic metastable sampling, secure transactable asynchronous computers systems where no one actually knows who else is participating can be joined world-wide in ways that enable a cornucopia of new economic activities. Users with different interests can mingle different value-relative incentives for others and deploy multiple scenarios at the same time.

The nuts and bolts behind the innovation of Ava Labs will include three kinds of computer user-operators. Some operators will simply keep track of the transactions that are occurring. Others will keep the current state up to date while others will track the entire history of the system. Consumers do not need to participate in the maintenance of the system. These operators will keep the main network functioning by transacting with a system coin called $AVA. The dynamics of the coin allows the main platform’s network to interact with subnetworks that may be of any kind.


The metastable properties associated with the snow family of protocols results in enormous numbers of transactions reaching finality at blazingly fast speeds.

Because $AVA coin will be used to swap actions amongst the various subnetworks there is a need for governance of the key financial parameters so as keep the vision of the platform coherent. Each and every validator whether light, full or archival will have voting rights and thus the future of the network will be determined by the users who join the AVA community.

The modular nature of the network architecture applies as well to the kinds of software that can function on it. Any and eventually all kinds of virtual machines will be built to structure the subnetworks, including ones that might be resistant to quantum attacks. Smart contracts can be designed and it is further anticipated that off-chain interactions and extensive Dapp tools and smart digital-assets-exchange will become a superfluidity many will marvel at. The focus is on the DeFi space but any kind of digital asset and Dapp could be designed on AVA.

To give just one example of how the AVA network might be used to transform society and incentivize a totally new class of computer operator and other workers – consider a rather unusual use case - decentralization of the dog poop dna marketplace.

Millions of dollars a year are being made to test dog poop DNA left behind by owners failing to follow rules and regulations they have agreed to submit to and fining them if the poo is found to be from their pooch. This has resulted in friction between the dog owners and the rule enforcers but the pretty penny made in the process is filling and lining the pockets of the DNA testing companies.


A scalable and interoperable blockchain network built through circulating $AVA could decentralize this marketplace and put the dog owners in the driver’s seat. They would not have to be merely passengers along for the ride while paying the cost. Each dog’s poop could be used to create biogas and grow duckweed. When combined with the cost currently collected for removing excrement from residential and other areas, the value of each dog’s poop could be as high as $300 a year. Currently this value is simply thrown away as excrement fills landfills. Instead this money could be used to sequence each dog’s DNA and the dog owner could sell the sequence to pharmaceutical companies, provide it to vets and allow it to be used to help improve the health and well being of dogs everywhere. Dog owners may still be fined for failing to pick up poo but if the fine is made less than the difference between the value of the poop and cost to sequence the pooch’s stuff then this will just be subtracted from the rewards the owner would otherwise receive.

Currently dog poop DNA testing is only done on a fraction of dog’s genome – just enough to identify a dog, but BGI just announced this month it will be selling a new system that could churn out $100 human genomes. Dog genomes are a little bit smaller than humans. So, with an investment on the order of a few million dolllars it does not seem unlikely that this current centralized dog poop industry could be decentralized with an AVA subnetwork. In the end the dog owners would only be charged if they fail to pick up, the apartment owners would only continue to pay to have their scooped poop picked up as they are already doing and a new economy of dog DNA health and wellness industry would arise.

With economic win-win possibilities like this being put by AVA practically within reach the future is just beginning to be re-imagined. To learn more please visit

Brad S. McFall

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